Technologies and tools used by MetaQuantum for product development.

MetaQuantum employs a dynamic array of cutting-edge technologies and tools to fuel our product development journey.
In our software development stack, we utilize a range of powerful and popular programming languages and frameworks to build robust web and blockchain applications.
React.js: React.js is a JavaScript library known for its prowess in creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces. It allows us to craft engaging and user-friendly front-end experiences, ensuring that users have seamless interactions with our platforms and applications.
Typescript: Typescript is a typed programming language that enhances JavaScript by providing static verification and a host of other valuable development features. By incorporating Typescript into our stack, we elevate the reliability and maintainability of our codebase, resulting in more efficient and bug-resistant applications.
Rust: Rust is a versatile and secure programming language that excels in building distributed and parallel systems. Its robust memory safety features make it a preferred choice for crafting high-performance and resilient components of our applications.
Solidity: Solidity, on the other hand, is a specialized programming language tailored for writing blockchain smart contracts. It forms the foundation of our blockchain-related developments, ensuring the secure and transparent execution of contracts on distributed ledger networks. When it comes to data and infrastructure management, we rely on several essential tools and services:
Infura: Infura serves as a pivotal platform for us to access various blockchain networks effortlessly. It streamlines our ability to interact with blockchain data and execute transactions seamlessly.
AWS (Amazon Web Services): AWS offers a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services provided by Amazon. Leveraging AWS, we ensure the scalability, security, and reliability of our applications and services in the cloud.
Splunk: Splunk plays a crucial role in monitoring and analyzing data and events. It empowers us to maintain a vigilant eye on the performance and security of our systems, enabling quick responses to any potential issues.
MongoDB: MongoDB is our NoSQL database of choice, facilitating efficient data storage and retrieval. Its flexibility and scalability make it an excellent fit for handling various data-related tasks within our applications. In the realm of source code management and collaboration, we rely on the capabilities of GitHub:
GitHub: GitHub serves as our primary platform for hosting projects and source code. It not only provides a secure and accessible repository for our codebase but also fosters collaboration among our development teams. Moreover, our development stack extends into the exciting domains of game and Metaverse development:
C#: C# is a widely recognized programming language renowned for its role in game development. We harness its capabilities to craft immersive and interactive gaming experiences for our users.
Unity: Unity is a prominent game engine that seamlessly integrates with C#, making it an invaluable tool for building captivating games and Metaverse environments. With Unity, we bring our creative visions to life, enabling users to explore and engage with our virtual worlds.
Incorporating this diverse array of technologies and tools into our development stack, MetaQuantum is well-equipped to deliver cutting-edge applications, games, and experiences to our users and clients.