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MetaScan represents a significant step in seamlessly integrating products and objects into the Metaverse, offering users an engaging experience.
Integration of Products and Objects into the Metaverse: With the help of our scanning application, both merchants and users have the capability to scan and integrate products and objects into the Metaverse. This integration process can take place in both MarketplaceEX and QuantumLand for sellers or in the general QuantumLand Metaverse for end-users. As such, every user can scan and bring into the virtual world anything, from small items to real estate properties, and more. It's worth noting that this integration provides a realistic and captivating experience when it comes to visualizing and interacting with scanned objects in the Metaverse.
A Solution to Centralized Computing Limitations: Our scanning application addresses a critical issue in the virtualization market, which is the lack of centralized computing power to create entire worlds within the Metaverse. However, each user possesses a powerful smartphone and can contribute to building their own corner of the virtual world through our MetaScan application. This paves the way for the development of an expansive and highly realistic Metaverse as more individuals and organizations adopt the scanning application and the other innovative products we are developing.
The Process of Scanning and Integrating Objects:
Scanning an Object: Users can utilize the application to scan their desired object, capturing its details and textures from the real world.
Uploading Object Data: The scanned data is then uploaded into the application for further processing.
Generating the Element in QuantumLand: The scanned information is transformed into an element or object in QuantumLand, accurately replicating the scanned object in the virtual space.
In addition to object integration, our application enables users to scan themselves and create their own digital identities within the Metaverse. This means that users can enter the virtual world as digital versions of themselves, personalized and captivating. This innovative approach opens up new horizons for Metaverse users, allowing them to bring real-world objects into the virtual realm and deeply personalize their experience.